Salmonella Outbreak Prompts Recall Of ‘Dog Gone Dog Treats’ In Massachusetts

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According to Food Safety News, three individuals have contracted salmonella from Dog Gone Dog Treats. Massachusetts Department of Public Health is advising consumers to dispose of the treats as they’ve issued a public recall.

If you have these treats in your home, do not touch them or feed them to pets.

Here’s more info about this dog treat recall.

Details Regarding The Outbreak

Currently, all three individuals confirmed to have contracted salmonella reside in Essex County, MA. Two are adults in their 70s, and one is a child.

An open bag, along with several unopened ones, all tested positive for Salmonella by the State Public Health Laboratory.

Dog Gone Dog Treats, produced in Georgetown, MA, are dehydrated meat “chips.” They include beef liver, chicken, and sweet potato.

The following stores sell the treats, so take caution if you frequent these locations:

  • Animal Krackers – Gloucester, MA
  • Essex County Co-Op – Topsfield, MA
  • Gimme Chews & Moore – Haverhill, MA
  • New England Dog Biscuit Company – Salem, MA

All of these locations have been ordered to remove the treats from their shelves indefinitely.

What Is Salmonella Poisoning?

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When food hasn’t been properly handled, prepared, or cooked, it can become contaminated with bacteria. While most prevalent in meat products, it can spread to non-meat products produced in the same facility, particularly if the facility doesn’t regularly enforce hand-washing rules.

If dogs contract Salmonella, they experience extreme fatigue, vomit, and may have diarrhea with blood or mucus. Some dogs, however, may have the infection and be asymptomatic.

If you believe your dog may have consumed one of these treats, then you must seek the guidance of your veterinarian.

For humans, anyone can get an infection, but the weaker the immune system, the worse the symptoms. If you’ve come into contact with these treats, tell your doctor and specifically mention Salmonella.

Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and a fever, within a twelve to 72 hour incubation period.

Have you purchased any of these treats? Do you keep an eye out for dog food recalls to keep your dog safe? Share your experience in the comments below.