Queen Elizabeth Releases Happy Hounds Dog Cologne, A Perfume For Pups

WELSHPOOL, WALES - APRIL 28: HM Queen Elizabeth II meets a corgi called Spencer as she arrives at Welshpool train station on April 28, 2010 in Welshpool, Wales. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are on a two day visit to North Wales.

(Picture Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

According to PEOPLE, Queen Elizabeth is reportedly releasing a perfume for dogs.

The Happy Hounds Dog Cologne will join an already popular gift set for dog lovers sold by the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

It’s described as “unisex,” and is “a rich, musky scent with citrus notes of bergamot.”

Queen Elizabeth Absolutely Loves Dogs

If you follow the Royals, even loosely, you probably already know how much Queen Elizabeth adores dogs. Particularly, Corgis and Dorgis — a mix of Corgi and Dachshund.

Regularly, the Queen is spotted walking her pups and famously takes them everywhere. At one point, she basically had a small herd of Corgis.

Today, only Candy remains, after Vulcan and Fergus both passed on last year, plus a puppy recently given to the Queen, named Muick.

Last year she expressed her mourning over Fergus, one of the two pups given to her when Prince Phillip was in the hospital, shortly before his passing.

Prior to this, the Queen had said she wouldn’t be bringing in any new pups. She didn’t want to leave behind any young ones when she passes, given that she’s now 95 years old.

Likely, she made an exception during a difficult time.

“It’s all very sad,” an insider told People, at the time.

A Cologne For Dogs?

In the aftermath of Phillip’s death, the Queen was often photographed walking the grounds of Windsor Castle with her pups. His funeral took place in April of 2021.

This falls in line with the Queen’s new dog cologne, which is said to smell of “coastal walks.”

The cologne is sold for £9.99 ($13.53) in the Sandringham Estate gift shop and may eventually find its way online, possibly, as part of the Sandringham Happy Hound Gift Box, currently available.

Would you ever buy a dog cologne from Queen Elizabeth? Have you kept up with the Queen’s Corgis over the years? Then let us know in the comments below.