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    Should My Dog Get A Flu Shot For Canine Influenza?

    With fall here again, so too is the dreaded “flu season.” If you’re a pet parent, an important question you might ask yourself is, “Does my dog need the flu shot?” The quick answer is maybe; it depends on your dog’s lifestyle and risk of exposure.

    by Jean Andrei
    September 17th

    10 Breeds Of Dogs Who Love Swimming & Playing In Water

    There are certain dog breeds who love being in the water. In fact, it’s a wonder that they don’t have fins attached to their bodies! If you’re someone who loves swimming and you’re looking to adopt a dog to keep you company, check these ten dog breeds out.

    by Jean Andrei
    August 12th

    Can Deaf Dogs Learn Sign Language?

    When it comes to deaf or hearing-impaired dogs, you can use hand signs to replace the verbal aspects of communication. In fact, whether you have a deaf dog or a hearing one, many now believe that body language and hand signals are better forms of communication than verbal commands.

    by Jean Andrei
    August 11th

    6 Best Loyal, Hardworking Farm Dog Breeds

    From guarding livestock to herding other farm animals, dogs have played an integral role helping farmers maintain order and protecting livestock from predators. But not all dog breeds were meant for the rigors of the rural life. Here are the six best farm dog breeds that enjoy life in the country.

    by Jean Andrei
    August 10th

    7 Best Animated Dog Movies For The Whole Family!

    Kids of all ages can enjoy these stories of adventure, love, and laughs. Often times, these terrific animated dog movies stay with us far longer than most live action movies. Here are the seven best animated dog movies we think you and your family, including your pup, will enjoy!

    by Jean Andrei
    July 29th

    Do Dogs Sweat? How Do They Stay Cool?

    The quick answer is yes, dogs do sweat. Although, they don’t sweat exactly the same way we humans do. Learning how dogs sweat and where they sweat from helps us understand how they cool off. It’s our job as pet parents to make sure our dogs stay comfortable and safe.

    by Jean Andrei
    June 21st

    7 Of The Most Stubborn, Challenging-To-Train Dog Breeds

    There are some stubborn dog breeds who might just test the limits of your patience while you’re trying to train them. And it’s not because these specific dog breeds are slow or obtuse. Nope. In fact, quite the contrary — these dog breeds are highly intelligent.

    by Jean Andrei
    June 3rd

    6 Funny Dogs Who Don’t Wanna Take Baths [VIDEOS]

    If there’s one thing that most dogs universally dislike, it might be a nice bath. Okay, maybe not all dogs hate it, but a good majority of them would be perfectly content not to have one ever again. Here are seven funny dogs who would prefer to just stay stinky.

    by Jean Andrei
    May 27th
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