Maggie Clancy

    Why You Should Open Up Your Heart To A Senior Dog This November

    We’re thrilled that November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, and if you are considering adopting a four-legged friend, you should be, too! Here’s my senior dog adoption story, along with a few a few myths about senior dogs that need to be busted. Spread the word and give a sweet senior a chance in November!

    by Maggie Clancy
    November 3rd

    What To Do If Your Dog Eats Halloween Candy

    Forget about witches and zombies; a seemingly innocuous bag of candy can be one of the scariest things that enters a dog parent’s home. Calls to the Pet Poison Hotline increase twelve percent during the week of Halloween. Here’s what you should do if your dog eats candy.

    by Maggie Clancy
    October 29th

    How To Tell If Your Dog Is Turning Into A Werewolf

    As we get closer to Halloween, it may be easy to jump to the scary conclusion that your dog has turned into a werewolf. Even more alarming is the fact that October 26th is Howl At The Moon Day, a day that werewolves are sure to observe. Here’s what to look for.

    by Maggie Clancy
    October 25th

    Why Does My Dog Lean On Me?

    Most dog parents have experienced a pooch leaning on their legs at least once in their lives. Your dog simply sits or stands next to you and casually leans a bulk of their weight against your calf. But why do they do it?

    by Maggie Clancy
    September 23rd

    Does Your Dog Suffer From Seasonal Affective Disorder?

    Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, is known to affect humans. You may have noticed that Fido has also been looking despondent around this time, too. Can the lack of sunlight affect our dogs just as severely? Actually, there are several ways it could.

    by Maggie Clancy
    September 23rd
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